Mr. Halloweenster Saves the Day (Kids Halloween Movie)

Kids Halloween Movie

The Movie

Mr. Halloweenster is helping the kids get ready for Halloween. But there's something tricky happening at the Junkvittles Candy factory. Mr. Meany-Pants and Junkvittles the silly scientist have created a new candy called Tricky Treats, and it turns kids into candy-kooky zombies. The kids get tricked into eating the Tricky Treats and it’s up to Mr. Halloweenster to save the day!

Mr. Halloweenster

Mr. Halloweenster

Mr. Halloweenster a/ka/ The Kids Halloween hero is really just a "big kid" in disguise. His real name is Stanley Stickler. He loves Halloween but what he cares about most is finding the Halloween magic that helps kids have a fun Halloween.

Mr. MeanyPants

Mr. Meany-Pants

Mr. Meany-Pants has been mean since he was a little kid. His real name is Michael Meahan-Pence, and his favorite thing to do is to ruin other people’s fun. He doesn’t like Halloween and he really doesn't like Mr. Halloweenster.

Winking Jack

Winking Jack

Winking Jack is the magic jack-o-lantern carved by Mr. Halloweenster. He helps Mr. Halloweenster find the Halloween magic for kids to have a fun Halloween.

Dr. JunkVittles

Dr. Junkvittles

Junkvittles is a silly scientist who likes to make things that trick people. He works with Mr. Meany-Pants to help him ruin Halloween.